Client Case Study: Creating the Perfect Onboarding Box for Carnegie Learning’s New Hires

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The Ask:

Carnegie Learning, a renowned provider of K-12 education technology, curriculum, and professional learning solutions, approached us with a unique challenge. They wanted to create a New Hire Onboarding Box that encapsulated their company’s essence, resonated with their new branding, and reflected their mission statement. The box needed to be fun, creative, and deeply meaningful—an embodiment of Carnegie Learning’s commitment to fostering a culture of growth, thriving classrooms, and teacher success.

The Concept:

To create a truly unique onboarding experience, we started by immersing ourselves in Carnegie Learning’s culture. We researched their brand, mission, and values, aiming to design a box that aligned with these core elements. Our goal was to curate items that were not only fun and useful but also reflected the company’s innovative spirit and dedication to education.

We decided to align each product in the box with one of Carnegie Learning’s values. The items sourced were thoughtfully chosen to represent the company’s dedication to lifelong learning and its commitment to both teachers and students. We incorporated elements that were a bit nerdy and educational, appealing to the intellectual curiosity that defines Carnegie Learning’s culture.

The Development:

During the development process, we brainstormed various concepts and iteratively refined our ideas to ensure each item in the box was perfect. Our team worked diligently to source high-quality, engaging products that would surprise and delight new hires. This included custom-designed items and practical tools that new employees would find both fun and useful in their daily work.

The Result:

The final onboarding box was a hit. Each element of the box resonated with Carnegie Learning’s values and brand, creating an immediate connection with new employees. The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive. Here’s what they had to say:

“Everything was GREAT! Our employees LOVED the box and items inside. We would absolutely work with Beyond Gifting again! The team was OUTSTANDING (and had incredible patience). Overall it was a 5-star experience!”

This testimonial reflects the success of the project and the positive impact it had on Carnegie Learning’s new hires. We are proud to have partnered with them to create an onboarding experience that truly represents their brand and mission.


At Beyond Gifting, we specialize in transforming ordinary gifts into extraordinary experiences. By deeply understanding our clients’ cultures and values, we create customized gifting solutions that leave a lasting impression. Carnegie Learning’s New Hire Onboarding Box is just one example of how we bring this vision to life, helping companies build meaningful connections with their employees from day one.

If you’re looking to create a memorable onboarding experience that reflects your company’s unique culture, contact us today to start designing your custom gift box.

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