Virtual Event Experiences

Let us handle your next virtual event experience. Send your guests a customized gift box with everything they need for an interactive and engaging virtual class experience.

Customize your Virtual Experience

We partner with you to bring your team a unique, customized virtual event experience. We will design and deliver a custom-branded box to your attendees- giving them everything they need for the experience.

Meet your Hosts

Simeon Priest - Equal Parts Cocktail Experience

About the Speaker:
Simeon has been a celebrated mixologist in the Twin Cities bartending community for years. He is known for building forward-thinking, boundary-pushing drink programs at notable restaurants, often landing at the top of Best Bar lists. In 2018 he branched out on his own, seeing a disconnect in the market between top tier events, and the beverage services provided. His staff are his contemporaries from the craft cocktail world.

Equal Parts Cocktail Company was founded by a bartender who spent years behind the bar, serving hospitality in addition to mixologist crafted cocktails. Event organizers that hire us demand a higher level of service than the commonplace pop and pour style of bartending that has become prevalent at so many events. Let us spoil your attendees with exceedingly gracious hospitality, allowing them a fun evening that’s an extension of your care for them.

About the Event:
A great cocktail can (and maybe should) be made with just a few simple ingredients. Fresh citrus juice, a sweetener such as sugar, honey, or maple syrup, and your spirit-of-choice can make for an excellent drink. With these items, and a little technique, Equal Parts can teach you and your guests how to elevate the home bar experience.

Box Includes:

  • Cocktail shaker set
  • Ingredients (varies according to receipe)
  • Optional Add-Ons

Chris Prieto - Prime BBQ Experience

About the Speaker:

Christopher Prieto, is a champion Pitmaster, book author, barbecue judge, teacher and barbecue eating expert. His journey into cooking and the world of barbecue began during his childhood in Texas, one the four barbecue capitals of the U.S. After years of cooking on the professional barbecue circuit, teaching barbecue classes nationwide and cooking all over the country, Christopher believes he has finally achieved what he considers 'barbecue excellence' with his own signature style.

Details of Event:

Attendees will receive an itinerary of everything that will be covered along with a segment to include common questions asked, tips and tricks of barbecue. Christopher will welcome attendees, give an overview, and share his passion for barbecue. The cooking segment will be 50 minutes to cover seasoning blends, live cooking demo, the do’s and don’ts of barbecue, and then conclude with a Q&A session.

Box Includes:

  • Signed copy of Christopher's cookbook "The Ultimate Book of BBQ"
  • Bottle of Prime Signature Barbecue Sauce
  • Seasoning Packet
  • Branded Sauce Brush